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Aquagenics Technologies, Inc (AGT) entered the market place in 2007 as a strategic outgrowth of the environmental remediation, water management & natural products industry experience of its founders. Aquagenics Technologies is a biotechnology company that has the unique capacity to develop microbal products and natural remediation technologies. We actively supply raw materials, formulations and consumer packaged goods pack out to national brands and manufacturers in a variety of industries.

AGT’s primary initial markets have been the Aquaculture, Commercial Water Feature, Koi/ Water Garden sectors. Over the past few years, we have been experiencing rapid growth through offering private, contract formulation and small run custom branding for many major players in these industries. We also offer an expanding line of cutting edge technologies in the biotechnology arena with increasing formulation and fermentation effort into probiotic and enzymes for agricultural and industrial applications. Currently we have over two hundred formulations and custom products being produced in our facility. All areas of production are ISO 9000 compliant and have GMP documentation to the level required for each product. Areas of unique specialty include stabilized liquid probiotic spore formulations with enhanced enzyme activity available to respond to relevant environmental conditions. There are only a handful of companies with the production capacity and formulary research to provide these types of specialized products, offering a higher profit sales stream than basic commoditized products.