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    Agriculture.In today’s emerging global economy, access to consistent safe food supply is of utmost importance. That is why AGT is committed to providing cutting-edge, research based, solutions for securing a bright future for all nations.Learn More

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    Wastewater.As water resources are becoming increasingly pressured with a growing population and an emerging global middle class, the need for proven technologies to efficiently recover water that has been historically disposed into a usable commodity is even more important.Learn More

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    Recreational Water.AGT has a multiple product lines devoted to servicing the need to maintain these valued bodies of water that recharge the soul.Learn More

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    Potable Water.According to the United Nations and World Health Organization estimates that 5 million people die annually due to the lack of clean drinking water. We see this as a significant opportunity to do good as a member of the global market as well as a significant market opportunity.Learn More

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    Industrial Process.Advancements modern manufacturing have opened all new opportunities to turn former waste products into usable downstream revenue streams. Aquagenics Technologies is partnering with companies and plants to integrate our technologies to enhance the efficiency of a multitude of industries.Learn More

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    Household & Industrial Cleaning.Consumers are demanding greener solutions coupled with technologies that can perform. Our innovative technologies for cleaning products utilize extensive enzyme and probiotic action along with integrating our cutting edge nano technology that work safety in symphony to perform at levels not seem before.Learn More

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    Personal Care & Hygiene.Aquagenics Technologies offers an new generation of technologies that deliver on superior infection protection and enhanced usability and formulation characteristics.Learn More

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    Food Supply.Our market driven solutions provide a level of protection for food producers that surpasses any other sanitation system available, providing a level of safety and security not available before.Learn More

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    Medical.We offer an amazing lineup of high performance solutions by providing new active ingredients that deliver unparalleled efficacy and safety to the health care community.Learn More

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    Emerging Industries.Our role and ongoing objective in our global economy is innovation produced by partnering with our customers to achieve solutions that improve existing industries and technologies and that create new ones.Learn More